DWI & DUI Charges

When dealing with DWI or DUI charges, typically, you are dealing with a misdemeanor case that can easily be bonded at a flat rate after booking. However, there are circumstances where the bonding process becomes more complex. It’s imperative to know and understand the different DWI and DUI charges, and how they can affect your client.

DWI and DUI Charges Vary Greatly. Get the Details You Need for Accurate Bond Information.

Many Variables Can Affect DUI Charges. The Arraignment Judge Will Set the Final Bond Amount.

DWI and DUI Arrests and Bonding

When a party is arrested for DWI or DUI charges, they are typically charged with a misdemeanor crime that can be bonded for around $500 in most cases. At times, these charges also lend to a release on their own recognizance, which means no bond amount is set. When facing charges such as these, your client can be bonded as soon as the booking process is complete. However, if your client is facing a more serious count which can include bodily injury or death to another, destruction of property, a high BAC level, or a 3rd+ offense, they could be facing a felony and must wait until the arraignment trial for the bond setting. These cases are treated as typical felony cases, and the bond amount will depend on community involvement, employment, and past charges. In some cases, a judge can choose to set no bond, in which the accused party must await trial in jail.

Bonds for DWI and DUI

Understanding the differences in DWI and DUI bonding procedures can go far in the client explanation process. While most intoxication charges are simple misdemeanor charges with a set bond, there are instances when the charges may be increased or altered.

Find Out How Additional Charges Affect a DUI.

If there is a chance of this, it is sometimes recommended to await the arraignment hearing before posting bail. Oftentimes, an intoxication infraction can have accompanying manslaughter, homicide, or assault charges. These additional charges significantly increase the severity, adding a higher bond amount that must be immediately settled if already bonded. This can cause contractual and approval problems for pre-posted bonds.

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