Misdemeanor Bonds

No one likes to be arrested. Aside from humiliation, anxiety, and tension about records, costs, and time spent immediately begin to swirl. In most cases, your client will be facing a misdemeanor bond. While there are varying levels of severity, most misdemeanor charges are bondable, some as soon as booking is complete. Providing your client with helpful, accurate information will help the process go smoother and more successfully.

We can Provide the Misdemeanor Information You Need.

Misdemeanor Charges Can be Quite Serious if not Handled Correctly.

What is a Misdemeanor Bond?

A misdemeanor bond is a general bond that pays the fee for a defendant to be released with a promise to appear in court or in any other legal subpoena having to do with their charges. Usually, a minor misdemeanor charge is preset at an amount between $500 and $1,000 and can be paid at the jail facility. Many times, a misdemeanor bond can be posted as soon as the booking process is complete. This means that when your client has finished giving personal information, gotten the mugshot taken, and been fingerprinted, they are eligible to be released.

Facts and Tips

Although a defendant is able to be bonded out after processing, it’s not always a good idea. Many times, a general misdemeanor charge can be added to or increased by the judge at arraignment. If your client has already posted bond, they are immediately responsible for the difference, leading to contract and approval issues in some cases. Get Your Clients' Incarceration Over With as Quickly as Possible.Typically, in a severe misdemeanor case such as DUI or battery, it’s ideal to wait to bond out after arraignment. This negates any problems with added or depleted bond amounts. During the arraignment, the judge can also add charges. For instance, a simple theft charge may turn into an aggravated theft charge during the arraignment, adding on requirements and fees, in most cases. This can even increase it to a felony charge.

Being arrested is never fun, no matter how minor the charge. Ensure your clients always have the information they need to productively complete the bond process and begin putting their life back together. Count on the resources of the Bail Bond Cooperative to help provide effective advice and guidance to help every client reach a successful ending to their case.