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In the bail bond industry, the landscape is ever-changing. Laws, rules, and regulations shift on a constant basis and can cost you time, hassle, and money if you’re not up to speed. These rules are strictly enforced and cost many business owners large fines, contract nullification, and even business closures. Don’t get caught in an unknowing situation that can cost you big. The Bail Bond Cooperative gives you the tools you need to stay abreast on all the news, events, and updates within the bail bond industry to ensure that your business stays in compliance and out of trouble. Become a member of the Bail Bond Cooperative today and receive instant access to your bail bond news and update hub.

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As a member of the Bail Bond Cooperative, you receive immediate 24-hour access to all the resources, event information, and business tips you need to help make your company as successful as possible. With your membership, you also get access to a full professional directory for networking or general discussion. Consult the charge or classification resources to find out about particular charges or classifications and what steps to take for a successful bond. You can additionally take advantage of our event information calendar to plan your next bail bond event attendance. When you become a member of the Bail Bond Cooperative, you have the entire bail bond industry at your fingertips. Join today and get the tools you need for ultimate success.

Bail Bond Resources

Sometimes, it happens that we come across a bail bond that we have never completed before. In these cases, you want to make sure that each step is taken properly to offer your client the best service possible. Use our collection of bail bond resources to find information on bonding certain charges, the differences that come with some charges, and much more. Delivered by the experts of the industry, these resources explain procedures, processes, and considerations for uncommon bonds and charges. Find out how some charges can be escalated or minimized, and how these changes affect your client’s bond. Get the information you need, right when you need it with your Bail Bond Cooperative membership.

By Classification

Get Charge Classification Inforamtion for More Succesful Bail Bonds.Every charge classification is handled differently when posting a bail bond. In many cases, there are set bond amounts and your client can begin the release process directly after booking. However, In some cases, your client may be required to stay behind bars until their arraignment or aren’t allowed out on bond at all. Find out the details that come with felony and severe misdemeanor charges, learn the differences in state and federal bonding, and get access to information about unbondable charges, special considerations, and more. Get the details about each type of classification and bond regulations with 24-hour access to charge classification and bonding information.

  • Felonies Learn how to best handle a felony charge to protect the interest of your client and your business.
  • Misdemeanors Find out what the variances are for misdemeanor charges, and how they can affect the bond.
  • State and Federal Bonds Discover the differences between state and federal bonds and what to do to ensure completion.
  • Arrest Warrants Get the facts on different warrant types and procedures for active warrant bonding.

By Charge

Receive Details on Different Charges for Unbeatable Accuracy in Your Bonds.Every charge within the justice system carries different bail bond regulations. Some charges, such as shoplifting and simple assault can typically be bonded immediately while others like battery, theft, or DUI will require the defendant stay incarcerated until the arraignment hearing. Felonies are arraigned before bond in most cases and can carry special instructions or requirements with the bond. These requirements must be carried out perfectly and should be listed in the bond contract. When you become a Bail Bond Cooperative member, you get 24-hour access to details on bonding for specific charges, what special requirements may be given, and information on the best times for your client to post bond. Ensure your client gets the best service possible with resources and information provided by the top professionals in the bail bond industry.

  • Theft Get information on the various types of theft charges and how each type is handled properly.
  • DWI/DUI With each charge, these gain severity. Find out where your client stands in his or her charges and bonding.
  • Domestic Violence These cases are handled differently than any other in many cases. Discover the differences to help you bond successfully.
  • Weapons Weapons charges can be misdemeanors or felonies. Get the specifics and service your client better.
  • Probation Violation With the charges, the bonding rules change drastically. Learn what you need to do for a successful bond.

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Each member of the Bail Bond Cooperative has access to our professional member directory. This directory lists bail bond experts and leaders throughout the country that you can use for discussion, networking, and guidance. Learn the best way to handle an out of state bond or get information on another area’s bond regulations and guidelines to ensure a successful bond each time. Also trade industry secrets, best practices, and more through constant access to your industry affiliates and peers. When you can’t seem to find the answers you’re looking for, consult our directory of bail bond professionals and get answers to your questions.

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In the bail bond industry, keeping up with current regulations and laws is imperative for success. Your Bail Bond Cooperative membership helps you stay up to date with easy access to the industry’s top stories, developments, and updates. We deliver information including regulation adjustments, additions, and eliminations, as well as political strains and affiliations, upcoming votes, and other happenings that affect your everyday business practices. Get the information you need to keep your bail bond office compliant and out of the spotlight with the information provided by the Bail Bond Cooperative. Along with current news and updates, our members receive instant event updates to effectively plan your next networking or training event. Find out where the hottest events will be held, all in one place to save you time and effort. Become a Bail Bond Cooperative member today and find out how easy staying in the know can be.

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Join Us NowFor the bail bond market, staying up to date on information and news within the industry is crucial for success. Join the Bail Bond Cooperative today and stay in the loop like never before. With news and event updates and schedules, bail bond resources, and a professional directory, you have the tools you need to successfully write any type of bond. Learn the specifics on federal and felony bonds while planning your next event. As a Bail Bond Cooperative member, you receive constant access to details about upcoming regulation changes, new laws and amendments, and even best practices and business tips, directly from the leaders of the industry. Find out exactly what you’ve been missing with other sites and memberships when you join the Bail Bond Cooperative today.