Bail for Specific Charges

When a client has been arrested, they will do just about anything to get out of jail. It’s your job as a bail bond professional to offer accurate, helpful advice and guidance that benefits your client and your business. Ensure you have the resources needed to deliver the required information and details with access to the most current bail and bond information, requirements, and guidelines. Give your clients the details they need to successfully post bail and begin the reconciliation process.

How Bail Can Differ With Charges

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Almost every charge a defendant can incur is treated differently by the court of law. Some misdemeanor charges such as driving without a license or unpaid traffic fines can be cleared up easily and with set bond amounts. Typically, these charges do not require the defendant to stay incarcerated until arraignment. Some misdemeanors like battery, possession, and DUI charges, however, should be arraigned before bail is posted. These charges can be and often are increased by the judge, making pre-posted bail very difficult. Felony charges cannot be bonded before arraignment and sometimes come with additional stipulations that must be followed to the letter for successful bond completion. While felony bonds are known for being more expensive, they can be adjusted by a judge during the arraignment.

What This Means for Bonding Agents

For bonding agents to post bail, they must follow a particular set of guidelines. The contract, fees, and guidelines must all be in place in order to effectively write and complete a bond. In most cases, these steps are simple and straightforward. However, when dealing with more serious charges, these steps become more difficult and convoluted. Judge input is required for severe charges, and these charges can increase or decrease in severity at the arraignment hearing, causing contract nullification and approval problems when the bond is already active. Ensure that you have the details you need for each type of charge with access to the Bail Bond Cooperative resource center. Get information on bonds by charge, types of bonds and access to a professional directory to ensure the answers you need are always within reach.

  • Theft These charges are widely varied and can go from simple shoplifting to grand theft and even robbery.
  • DWI/DUI While listed as a misdemeanor in most cases, these charges can quickly escalate with the addition of other charges like negligence.
  • Domestic Violence These charges are treated differently than almost every other type of charge. Find out what you need to do for a successful bond.
  • Weapons From a small fine to a required 3-year sentence, weapons charges spread across the spectrum. Learn the differences and details between them.
  • Probation Violation For many clients, these charges can come with strict stipulations to follow. Learn what this means for your clients.
  • Battery Although many battery charges are misdemeanors, they still carry great weight in the courts. Ensure a successful bond for your client.

No matter what type of charges your client has incurred, your Bail Bond Cooperative membership can help lead you to the information and professional access you need to ensure minimal charges and a successful bond. With 24-hour guidance and advice from the nation’s leading professionals, you can’t afford not to have a Bail Bond Cooperative membership.