State and Federal Bonds

State and Federal bonds vary greatly and are processed and carried out very differently. To best serve your client, it’s important to know the subtle differences of each and deliver accurate information for bond completion. Your Bail Bond Cooperative membership can give you access to the tools you need to complete successful bonds, whether they’re for State or Federal crimes.

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Federal Bonds Present New Requirements and Hurdles. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

State Bonds

State bonds are used in both misdemeanor and felony instances and are offered in most arrest cases. These bonds can be preset and offered after booking, or they may require an arraignment hearing where they are set by the judge. Both bond processes are handled by the State and offer release until the trial or court date.
Most charges are settled with a State bond which is typically set for an amount between $1000-$10,000. These bonds usually come with a 10% bond fee which is paid to the bondsman at time of contract agreement. The defendant can then be bonded out of jail and released with minimal requirements when awaiting a court date.

Federal Bonds

Federal bonds have much stricter requirements, in most cases, and are also usually more expensive than their State counterparts. These bonds are used in federal charges which are considered to be much more severe than typical charges and can include murder, rape, grand theft, kidnapping, arson, or interstate embezzlement or theft.

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These bonds come with a much heavier price tag and must be set by a judge. In most cases, collateral is required to back up the bond, and special requirements are set with the bond amount. These requirements can include points like drug and alcohol testing, travel restrictions, location monitoring, and more. These bonds also require more sufficient evidence of collateral such as appraisals and title reports. It’s imperative to perform every step of a Federal bond correctly and accurately. Any discrepancies can quickly void a Federal bond.

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