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Where Can Bail Bonds Companies find Website Design & SEO?

Did you know that the average internet browser spends less than 15 seconds on a website before clicking on another? It’s called bounce rate. Bounce rate is how often people are leaving your website without taking any lead or conversion generating action. A low bounce rate is profitable, and a high bounce rate is terrible. 

Many factors contribute to high bounce rates, and one of the most important ones is website design. Poorly designed websites with confusing navigation and thin content tend to have high bounce rates. 

SEO is another factor that can contribute to your bounce rate. When the information is there but is jumbled, hard to read, or structured inconveniently, chances are your site will have a high bounce rate. User behavior is why website design and SEO are so crucial to your conversion rates. 

But finding the right web designer/SEO consultant can be almost as tricky as tackling these chores yourself. Many inexperienced designers out there label themselves as “experts,” and there are lots of SEO consultants that try to get away with doing the least amount of work possible.

So to help the bail bondsmen out there make the right choice for website design and SEO consultation, we have composed a brief guide. We’ll start with SEO consultation.

Where to Find Bail SEO Consultants

SEO consultants can be found very easily by searching bail bonds SEO in Google. If you want an SEO expert with experience in your local market, you can localize the search by typing in “SEO consultants near me.” Of course, that’s pretty basic advice. There are also bustling market places where you can find high-quality SEO consultants such as:

  • Upwork – A networking community that connects freelancers of all kinds with clients who need their services.
  • LinkedIn – A quick search on LinkedIn will index a plethora of SEO consultants with varying experience.
  • Full-Service Design Agencies – This is an excellent option for when you want to consolidate your website design and SEO team.

What to Look for in a Bail SEO Consultant

It’s not enough to know where to find SEO consultants. You also need to understand what makes a good SEO consultant. Here is a primer guide on choosing the right consultant for your bail bond business:

  • Local Expertise – Local SEO is not the same as general SEO, and as a bail bondsman, your focus is probably on your local market. Therefore, your consultant should be able to get you ranked on the Google Local 3 Pack and other crucial local SEO tactics.
  • A Comprehensive Portfolio – Insist on seeing past work. Google’s algorithm changes all the time, so your consultant needs to have shown the ability to adapt and thrive throughout these changes. 
  • Choose a Scrupulous Consultant – Black hat SEO tactics and other unscrupulous marketing techniques can get your website buried or banned by search engines. Insist on white hat and organic SEO practitioners. 

Where to Find Website Designers

Again, you can do a quick search on Google for “website designers” or “website designers near me.” But there are some specialized sites where you can find the web designer of your dreams:

  • Google for Jobs – Google for jobs is a free service that you can use to find virtual talent of all kinds.
  • Toptal – Toptal accepts only 3% of the total freelancer applications they receive each year and have become known for quality talent.
  • Indeed – Indeed allows employers to create an account and post job listings with details that will appear on their massive directory that reaches millions of designers each day.

What to Look for in a Bail Bond Web Designer

There are certain things you must insist upon when looking for a website designer for your bail bond business:

  • Marketing Experience – Designers are artists. Marketers are, well, marketers. Your designer should be a mix of both. After all, your website’s purpose is not only to look nice but to bring in more money.
  • UX Experience – User experience is vastly essential not only for keeping people on your website; but for ranking on Google. Your designer should demonstrate a focus on user experience.
  • Portfolios and Reviews – Doing your due diligence will go a long way. Ask to see your prospective designer’s past work and look them up on Google Reviews, Yelp, and LinkedIn to see their reviews.

Here at Bail Bond Cooperative, we are committed to providing our members with the resources they need to operate their businesses and thrive. To learn more about what we offer or to become a member of our community, get in touch with us